David Watts
"plays the best of the Kinks"



David Watts is a The Kinks tribute band started in 2004
Lars Birkelund (vocals, guitar) 
Torbjørn Holte (guitar, vocals) 
Eirik Lie  (bass, vocals) web
Luis Landa (drums) 2005 -2006?
(Gard Rotmo played drums on the 5 first concerts)

They are mainley playing in the Oslo area in Norway

They have played on 
Oslo Kretsfengsel (local prison), 
Bardus (musiccafé) , 
Elvins local musiccafé, 
Per på Hjørnet (Oslo)
Karl P
"Noahs Ark"
"Parkteatrets Kafe"

"plays the best of  THE KINKS" 
everywhere and at any time
as long as the price is right :-) 

is based in Oslo, Norway. 

Lars Birkelund, larsbir@hotmail.com
Tlf.: 22 67 32 67
, Oslo


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