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Ray Davies - Postcard From London - Videoclip

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18/11-09 Ray Davies On Letterman  with the help of AlexKasack
Interview: Ray Davies
On singing in the choir, his American experience, and who’ll play Dave  
By ELIZABETH GEHRMAN  |  Nov.4, 2009    
"How is your brother doing? I hear he's touring next year, for the first time since his stroke in 2004.
It’s incredible, wonderful news. I think he’s just testing the waters to see how he can cope on tour. I would love to play with him again. Two of my — well, I have other reasons to live, but one of them is to make his life as difficult as possible, and the other is to make music with him, because out of that difficulty sometimes comes this incredible creative spark of energy and performance."
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New York Magazine: Ray Davies delivered the knockout performance. 
Ray Davies -  "the knockout performance" follow the link fore more! Ray at the The second Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 25th anniversary concert 
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*** A WhyKinks special ***

The Kast Off Kinks Another video out on our unoffical " Kast of Kinks" fan page.  
 - the second half of "Celluloid Heroes" - Boston Arms 2009

"Somebody stole my car" - Kast off Kinks with Ray Davies:                             

A lot off pictures and videoes will come from the 2009 London offical The Kinks fan club konvent!
Try this one: The Kast Off Kinks
2009 - The Kinks Konvent - London
Ray Davies - Mick Avory - John Dalton
John Gosling - Jim Rodford - Ian Gibbons
Bob Henrit - Debbie Doss - Dave Clarke
The Offical Kinks fan club - Bill Orten
Fans from: - Netherlands - UK - US - France - Denmark - Luxembourg - Norway
The editors are going to London this morning.
In the two frames right under, you will find pictures and videoes from The Offical Fan Klub Konvention 2009, the singalong and other interesting, beautiful...............
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Videoes from London and the Konvent

Pictures from London and the Konvent


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