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Ray to Scandinavia:    The swedish national flag!
4 th of July Ray Davies played at the "BUKTA" festival in Tromsų. The biggest newspaper above the Arctic Circle, "Nordlys" (northern lights/aurora borealis) put out a very positive review. It say's that Ray during his concert raised Bukta above the clouds and that the good times hadn't dissapeared, they are back.  "This is no longer a "good" festival, it's an insane/crazy good festival."

In october he's back in Scandinavia, 65 years old and with more experience than ever. "Pilgrim Sisters"
from Sweden will be the warming up band. They have used the spring to record 16 songs with Ray at KONK studios in London . Album's on the way.

NRK BT BA Aftenbladet


"Ray in Scandinavia "
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