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61 3/4 Canada



Though the voice, the mood and the approach are all very familiar, the album takes several listens to crack. Don't be too hasty to dismiss it. link
60 2/3 US reflects on America ... and himself pressconnects.com For now, though, Davies has found his own solid footing on his second true solo outing. link
59 21/2 US A- cleveland.com Lest there be any doubt Davies, 63, remains at the top of his craft.  .... "Call the DA, call the National Guard, call the president / Call anyone in the land of the free / 'Cause they ain't gonna listen to me," he sings.  Don't you dare make the same mistake. link
58 21/2 Canada a welcome surprise  thechronicleherald.ca Davies isn’t just a nostalgic bystander. He’s a participant.
Sonically, Working Man’s Café is also a triumph.
57 20/2 US it's nice to hear him washingtonpost.com fills his electric-guitar-heavy fourth solo album with pathos and warmth link
56 19/2 Canada a new palette variety.com Much as the album contains ticked-off observations about loss and the modern world, lyrically Davies remains a keenly tuned-in searcher; the more his discovers, the less likely he is to have answer. And rather than place those revelations into broad statements - the sort that seems to find answers in love and peace - he keeps his songs at street level where, as in the Kinks numerous masterpieces, the listener is invited to stand next to Davies and share the scenery. link
55 19/2 Canada   nationalpost.com Wisdom from the unknown purple link
54 19/2 US tossed off nydailynews.com The much-predicted recession may not have started officially yet, but our sagging economy already has a soundtrack. link
53 19/2 US A philly.com/dailynews Ray Davies doesn't just know how to write a terrific musical hook that gets you humming along. He's also one of the more astute, humane, subtle and artful of social observers, with a longing for the simpler days and world that have passed us by. "Working Man's Cafe" (New West, A) is chock-full of such magical moments. link
52 19/2 US 4  OF 5 diamondbackonline.com Davies is one of the last of the steam-powered artists. It may have taken him longer to arrive with his much-awaited solo career, but with Café, it is clear - this train's got miles to go before he sleeps. link
51 19/2 US 8.0 
[ Very Good ] legend
411mania.com Folks who dug Ray Davies’ long-in-the-works solo debut will be delighted and surprised by Working Man’s Café. Not only was the record made fairly quickly, but it truly covers some new ground for Davies. For a man whose career has spanned five decades, that’s a feat in and of itself. Better still, he’s accompanied by a great maverick Nashville band and producer that gives the material a true American spirit. The stories of American culture that Brit Davies attempts to tell on Café are necessary, captivating and entertaining. link
50 18/2 US A playbackstl.com Davies ratchets up the creepy factor for a tune so thick in atmosphere that you can smell the leaves, hear the wind howl, and feel the humidity form sweat beads on your neck. link
49 17/2 US 2.5 stars blog.masslive.com It took Davies four decades to emerge with his first solo studio album, and now he's released two in three years. In many ways, it sounds like he's just getting warmed up, and if that's not incredibly exciting news, it is at the very least, evidence that he's heading in the right direction. link
48 17/2 US He hits his stride boston.com So it's a welcome surprise to hear Davies on "Working Man's Café," a collection of twangy rock that might not stand up with the best Kinks work (what does?) but certainly marks his return as a maker of new music. link
47 17/2 US ****of 5 knoxnews.com Davies delivers his finest disc since the demise of the Kinks link
46 15/2 US *** ½ latimes.com Rock's great chronicler of human frailty in the '60s and '70s, the leader of the Kinks faded away for a while, but on his second solo album (in stores Tuesday) in the last two years he goes toe-to-toe with the beast. link
45 20.11 Denmark


som altid tages temperaturen på omverdenen omkring os med en god portion socialrealistisk humor, og den er Ray Davies om nogen leveringsdygtig i. link
44 16.11 Denmark


Det er en tilbagelænet og afslappet plade, proppet med erfaring, indsigt og nuancerede detaljer. link
43 08.11 Netherlands

vlijmscherpe observator

Noordhollands Dagblad

Zijn humor is gelukkig ongeschonden; lach mee om zijn mening over globalisme (’Vietnam cowboys’). Parels voor de ...? Juist. link
42 16.11 UK

colourful story telling


Musically it’s somewhat slick but lyrically there’s still enough colourful story telling and grit to keep the likes of Pete Doherty inspired. link
41 13.11 Norway

ringsaker blad

Dette albumet er stappfullt av aldeles praktfulle poplåter fra åpningssporet «Vietnam Cowboys» sitt globale budskap til mer intime tema som på nydelige «Morphine Song». Ray Davis har fortsatt masse å gi. Et strålende album. link
40 13.11 UK

3 of 5


Davies’ lyrics read like a messy stream-of-consciousness with no self- or external-editing. link
39 13.11 GERMANY

Klasse gemacht!


Insofern ist dieses Werk so eine Art modernisiertes, idealisiertes Update für Kinks-Freunde. link
38 10.11

human mini-dramas


A key track on Working Man's Cafe seems to touch on this state of confusion, of a sense of identity being bent out of all recognition by other people's perceptions. link
37 06.11 Norway

Terningkast 4


engasjement og artistisk trygghet på samme tid. «Working Man´s Cafe» er blitt en hyggelig og grepa plate. link
36 06.11 Norway



Davies' sjarm, vidd, sarkasme, ironi og sinne ledsages av en melodiøs sikkerhet som ofte sender gode tanker i retning The Kinks link
35 04.11 UK

Stellar stuff 


Having assembled a crackerjack band of top Nashville musicians, he breathes real life into a wonderful collection of songs. Stellar stuff and an absolute Ray Davies gem. link
34 04.11 Canada

4 of 5


On Working Man's Cafe, the legendary singer-songwriter and well-respected misfit gives the people what they want -- a dozen wistful pop masterworks that wonder where all the good times have gone. link
33 04.11 Canada

4 of 5


his strongest and most-accessible album in nearly a generation link
32 03.11 BELGIUM

bezit de eeuwige jeugd


Een tweede jeugd alshetware die nu in anderhalf jaar tijd al twee geweldige platen heeft opgeleverd. Hoe kan het anders dat hij op 62-jarige leeftijd nog zo enthousiast toert, en op "Working Mans Café" zoveel levenslust tentoon spreidt, die je – na meer dan veertig jaar de rockster uitgehangen te hebben – niet voor mogelijk houdt. Kopen dus, en genieten! link
31 02.11 SWEDEN


Inledande Vietnam Cowboys och You're asking me är snyggt snickrade pärlor som skulle pryda vilken karriär som helst. link
30 02.11 UK

4 stars


Welcome home, Ray link
29 02.11 SWEDEN



ljudet av en man som haft all tid i världen att lära sig hantverket, men som inte tillåter sig själv att gå på rutin link
28 01.11 Norway



Hans unike teft for popsmarte melodier og evnen til å skape tekstbilder ut av småironiske observasjoner fra livet, samfunnet og sånt er i stor grad intakt link
27 01.11



You need to listen the whole record, it completely gets your mind every new spin. I love his relax voice, yes i really love his works. link
26 ?.11



επαναλαμβάνοντας σε συνεντεύξεις του ότι έβαλε τη μουσική του σε εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες σπίτια χωρίς ιδιαίτερο κόπο και... σ' όποιον αρέσει (η μουσική). link
25 ?.10 SWEDEN


nya diskbänks-popklassiker av samma kaliber som The Kinks finaste stunder. Britpopen börjar och slutar här. Cheers, luv. link
24 26.10 UK

just great


Working Man's Cafe is reassuring proof that Davies has still got it - and how - and that the rejuvenated wonders of 2006's Other People's Lives were no flash in the pan. link
23 26.10 US

vintage form


Davies is back in vintage form, once again playing the detached observer of life and love, adroitly sampling a pastiche of musical styles, and dealing out his cards of satire and sympathy with a practiced sleight of hand link
22 26.10 SWEDEN



På nya "Working man?s cafe" bjuder han på smakfull pop, men kan också bita ifrån. Det finns en sympatisk värdighet som tilltalar. link
21 26.10 SWEDEN



Frontmannen i Kinks på den gamla goda tiden har på äldre (63 bast!) blivit mjukare och en äkta finsnickare med prima popvirke link
20 26.10



Egy olyan dalszerző fanyar kritikája a szép új világról, aki már negyven éve is túl modernnek érezte a valóságot. link
19 26.10 GERMANY

5 OF 10


18. 26.10 UK



his glass always half-empty link
17. 25.10 Norway


bare delvis vellykket - Melodiene mangler link
16. 24.10 SWEDEN


Men han kan fortfarande skriva bra musik och vettiga texter som, tack gode Gud, åldras med honom. link
15. 24.10 Norway

Terningkast 4


Mannen har en egen evne til å trylle frem enkle, flotte låter som sitter i øret fra første høring. link
14. 24.10 SWEDEN   ekuriren.se Och det finns löd i nyporna ännu, det visar han i sin egen Peace in our time. Den borde få utmärkelsen årets Give peace a chance. link
13. 24.10 SWEDEN

4 of  5

dn.se Ray Davies blandar upp det med senare års intryck från USA, i såväl texter som musik. link
12. 24.10 SWEDEN


svd.se-Svenske Dagbladet När Ray Davies snickrar ihop fina saker som Morphine song, Imaginary man eller One more time får man ändå ett leende på läpparna. link
11. 23.10 SWEDEN

gp.se - Gøteborgposten ofta försvinner musiken i väg utan att lämna något som helst avtryck link
10. 23.10 Norway


dagsavisen.no --flere nesten briljante nye sanger sammen med noen påminnelser om at han fortsatt kan lage rock av den mest trauste sorten. link
9. 23.10 Norway

7 OF  10

abcnyheter.no han rett og slett har funnet tilbake til gleden ved å lage musikk igjen. link
8. 23.10 Norway

Terningkast 4

adressa.no Og plata er mer nedstrippet, kompakt og helhetlig, han har tonet ned de overdrevent rikholdige arrangementene fra sist. link
7. 23.10 Norway


dagbladet.no imponerende melodiske kraft og evne til å fortelle historier i rockformat. Samtidig er han både varm og personlig. link
6. 22.10 UK

what we want and need


nicely-honed and bang up-to-date assessments of the world as he sees it today: a conflicted, contradictory and globalized shopping centre mired in double standards and creeping 'Americanisation'. link
5. 22.10 Norway



Når den meningsfulle lyrikken kobles med så sterke melodier som her, er det bare å la seg rive med. Her er ingen dårlige spor. link
4. 21.10 UK


scotland onsunday .......this is as spry a collection of songs as any in a long, distinguished career link
3. 19.10 UK

timesonline.co.uk the sprawling Morphine Song, with its boisterous horn section, and Vietnam Cowboys, a dig at globalisation, are perfectly decent. link




Neues und Interessantes

kinks.de Entspannt voran mit alten Themen link


14.10 UK



Full of brisk, occasionally noisy rock, it's a great gust of an album that affirms Davies's enduring talent.


        amazon.co.uk/   link
Dagbladet.noFredrik Wandrup in the norwegian paper Dagbladet 23.10.07: 
"Ray delivers an album that kicks the world anno 2007 in the ass with his ever impressing melodic power and his ability to tell stories in rock format. At the same time he is both warm and personal."
(Fredrik Wandrup Tirsdag 23.10.2007: Han leverer et album som sparker verden anno 2007 i rumpa med sin stadig imponerende melodiske kraft og evne til å fortelle historier i rockformat. Samtidig er han både varm og personlig.)  

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