21 & 22 Aug. 2010 Ray Davies with band and DR choir and orchestra
Ledreborg Slott/Castle, Lejre, Denmark
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Welcome to the Vikings Page
Our close relatives, "The Vikings" had a well-known settlement in Lejre. We give you, therefore, as a bonus pages some glimpses of the Viking camp in Lejre. You will also find some other things related to our close relatives, "The Vikings".

7 viking videoes if you follow the arrows:

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Danish historians associated the legendary Hleidr with the small village of Lejre on the central Danish island of Sjślland. Lejre, a site with a long history of prehistoric habitation, lies a short distance inland from Roskilde. It is surrounded by Stone Age and Bronze Age mounds and there are many indications of Iron Age habitation.
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