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WhyKinks gives you "The Kast Off Kinks" from the Meltdown Festival 2011:

14/6 WhyKinks leaving Oslo, Norway. (Video 0. England here we come, you will find it under the out-button) - THE MELTDOWN CONCERT.
15/6 back to Oslo 15/6 WhyKinks leaving London, UK.(Video 19 Leaving Victoria, leaving London, leaving England, press the home-button)
17/6 back to London to Ray's fenomenal concert on Sunday, but that is another story. In the setlist the WhyKinks videoes has a number.

  Set 1 :

Meltdown Festival London UK 14 June 2011

Set 2 :  
    "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?"

1. "Skin and Bone"
- Dalton intro about the hardest thing this

2. "Shangri-la"
"Muswell Hillbillies" 
"Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues"
3. "Wonderboy w/ Eddi Reader
"Stop your Sobbing"
    "Till The End of the Day"
    "Sitting in my Hotel"
"Autumn Almanac"
"Supersonic Rocket Ship"
4. "Celluloid Heroes"
"Plastic Man"

5. "Lola"
With one of Mick Avory's famous intros.
  6. "Dead end street"

  7. "Sunny Afternoon" (first half)

      "Well Respected Man"
  8. "Village Green Preservation Society"
  9. "Waterloo Sunset" w/Robyn Hitchcock
10. "Strangers"
      "Suzannah's Still Avlie"
11. "Death of a clown" w/ Sam de la Haye
12. "You Don't Know My Name"
      w/ Sam de la Haye

      "Set Me Free"
13. "Dedicated followers"
- Intro and vocal Mick Avory
14. "David Watts" w/ Bruce Foxton and
      Russell Hastings “From The Jam”

15. "Come Dancing"
16. "You really got me"
17. "Better things"
- The band is presented
18. "Louie Louie" 
    Between the sets a: "Waterloo Sunset" Photo: WhyKinks    
"Kast Off Kinks"
  at the Meltdown Festival 2011, Dave Clarke, Mick Avory, John Dalton, Ian Gibbons
  with the Bras-section from Oslo, Řyvind Hartmann, Kid Jensen and Dag Eriksen (est. at Kai60 (as a Kinks backing bras-section))
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