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Jan, 2011: The Wolsey Hall, Cheshunt, Herts. Special one-off gig with the original Kast Off Kinks line-up, with John Dalton on bass and John Gosling on keyboards.
[Tickets are now sold out.]

Ray Davies - "The Village Green Preservation Suite" in Denmark

22/8-2010 Lejre, Denmark - More from Lejre
Pete Quaife
From DoctorFingers on YouTube :
"On 27 November 2010, a bunch of Kinks fans made a pilgrimage to Hampstead Heath in memory of the original Kinks bass player, who died earlier in the year."

The Pete Quaife memorial page 

Happy New Year from The Nordic fans
Only a couple of minutes into this year and we have Ray Davies first appearance on the main norwegian tv-channel, NRK1.  Here is a link to the same concert on BBC.
 This years first The Kinks concert in Oslo:
David Watts"

Photo from Kai60 Surprise party, with John Dalton on the drums
Alexandra, January 8th 2011, (without John Dalton on the drums)
Reserve your tickets  for the Kast Off Kinks
the original lineup, with John Dalton and John Gosling
22 January 2011 gig at Wolsey Hall in Cheshunt,
send an email to webmaster@kastoffkinks.co.uk.
On Saturday will have a look at new owners Kinks-room at Clissold Arms, we will be back with photoes, review and more!!! There will be a report from Alexandria as well.
There are no webpage yet, but the link send you to a facebookpage.
24/11-10 kaa
to be or not to be an individual
"I think there's a danger that musical aspirations might get trapped in a bubble of mass media acceptance. It's the desire to be on TV over the fact that you want to say something and be an individual. I think if it's accepted that it's just a popular TV show ['The X Factor' in England and 'American Idol' in America] that's fine. I'd like to think that there are young musicians growing up and evolving all over the world, that they're not influenced by it and are just going to do their thing."

Ray Davies to Spinner
24/11-10 kaa            photo:WhyKinks  

Boston Arms 2010

This years Fan Club meeting will take place at The Boston Arms on Sunday, November 28th with Kast Off Kinks and Pete Watkins.

Tickets £15.

  • Overseas visitors can reserve by e mail/pay on the day.
  • UK members and guests should reserve by cheque to the PO Box.


24/11-10 kaa

From Ray Davies webpage: 23rd Nov '10
 - Ray Davies' North American tour cancelled.

Ray did not personally cancel the American dates but was ordered by his doctors not to fly or embark on the accompanying ground travel for the forthcoming four US dates until his medical condition has stabilized to their satisfaction. The doctors could not provide a time frame for this and advised Ray to cancel the dates.

Ray would like to thank all his fans for their continued support and asks that everyone respect his privacy so he can concentrate on a swift recovery.

24/11-10 kaa

Poster, setlist, videos and something from the press. From the international tour of "Doin' it the kinky way". They make the norwegian town Halden, the closest you get to the Muswell Hill in Norway - these days. LINK

Saturday 6/11 -10  Come back concert with
"David Watts"
the famous norwegian The Kinks cover band
Alexandria, Oslo Norway 
Here you have a LINK to a "David Watts" fanpage!

Kai 60: Surprise - Surprise - Surprise

Oslo  23/10: WhyKinks editor Arve Tunstad surprises
WhyKinks editor Kai Arne Armann on his 60th birthday.
Currently, there are no editors of WhyKinks who are able to work, you just have to wait - sorry! Once we have our feet on the ground again, we will - well, we don't know it yet!

"Doin' it the kinky way"
on an international tour!

 Saturday, 30/10 Ed in Sweden can experience a wonderful tribute to Ray Davies and the Kinks.

Support band "High Voltage"  YouTube

Videoes from a "Doin' it the kinky way"  performance in Halden, Norway - 2009!
16/10-2010 ca 0040 "Days", on NRK1, if you didn't see it, here it is:
11/10 2010, Oslo, Norway - Endelig Mandag Band,  Alexandria  - "You really got me" + + 
proudly presents: Ray Davies at Lejre - "Shangri-La"

The 17 & 18 Sept. 2010
A TRIBUTE TO RAY DAVIES AND THE KINKS With Band, Pico Canto, soloists and guests.

Go to the WhyKinks Tribute page!

23/9-10: exclaim.ca: "See My Friends will be released on November 1 in the UK via Universal UK. A North American release date has not yet been announced. More information on the record can be found here, while brief snippets of each track are available at this link."

See My Friends
   1. Bruce Springsteen  “Better Things” 
 2. Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora   “Celluloid Heroes”
3. Mumford & Sons   This Time Tomorrow”
4. Lucinda Williams & The 88 “Long Way From Home
5. Metallica   You Really Got Me"
 6. Paloma Faith  Lola ”
 7. Jackson Browne “Waterloo Sunset”
8. Alex Chilton & The 88  “‘Til the End of the Day”
9. Amy Macdonald   Dead End Street”
10. Spoon   See My Friends”
1. Black Francis   “This Is Where I Belong”
12. The 88   “David Watts”
13. Gary Lightbody   Tired of Waiting”
14. Billy Corgan  
“All Day and All of the

Halden, rway 17/09 2010:

More is coming soon!
Backstage at GQ with Noel Gallagher and Ray Davies

Which outstanding achievements ?????
"So as you see I got the GQ award for outstanding achievement last night, they didnt tell me which of my many outstanding achievements it was for though. Thanks to Noel, Dylan Jones and all at GQ."
Imaginary Man

Ray Davies, 21 August, Castle Park Ledreborg, Denmark
Pete Quaife Memorial section
The Ray Davies Castle Consert section is opened
10 Pictures from 21/8 NEW 19/08-10: The castle stage
11 Pictures from 22/8 NEW 20/08-10: The Rainy day in August 7 pictures from the rain (from the inside and outside of the raincout)
5 Videoes from 21/8 NEW 20/08-10: 1. Dedicated Follower of Fashion 10:16 intro in danish - orchestra medley 3:20 and Ray 6:20
2 Videoes from 22/8 NEW 20/08-10: 13. Dead End Street
14 videoes from "Doin' it the kinky way" at Ankergården, Halden, Norway.  September 2009
Monday, August 2, 2010:
    MariannSp's BLOGG reports from the Kinks Tribute Night at the Sunset Tavern, Seattle 30/7-2010. It started with: "The Quaifes brought VGPS to life again for the smiling fans at the Sunset, who nodded and and sang along with them." and a lot of bands follows up! - the report and 16 videoes from the Kinks Tribute Night on the link.  
The holiday is over, here are the holiday:

Push me!
020810 kaa (click on the picture)
A wonderful Dave Davies tribute from the Spivs!

24.07.10 Kai and Arve

Ray Davies:

Because so many people were unable to make the trip to Denmark for Pete's funeral, Mick and myself have spoken and decided to put on a memorial night for Pete in Muswell Hill were the Kinks first formed.

We are currently talking with others and looking into venues
and will hopefully announce information soon

Here is a summery of a e-mail from Petes brother David:
from David Quaife - Petes donations:

I have received many emails and telephone calls by very kind people
wishing to donate to Pete’s memorial donations.

The donations will be used firstly for Pete’s funeral costs, wake and gravestone.

We are expecting a considerable amount of mourners.

As Pete’s partner Elisabeth will be excluded from any inheritance (not married)
 I think it also appropriate to donate an amount to lessen her burdens she will undergo from losing Pete - her sweetheart and loved one for many years.

Elisabeth has supported Pete through many a difficult times, not the least the special care and love she gave Pete with his regular dialysis sessions 3 times a week, and the loving, nursing care during the last days of dear Pete’s life.

The monies over will be donated to an applicable,
 registered Dialysis research fund.

Yours Aye,

David Quaife

Danish Kroners
US Dollars
UK Pounds
Japenese Yen

The donations will be paid direct into PayPal and then transferred to:-

Nordea Bank

Stubbekøbing branch



In memory of Pete Quaife
6:54 pm -Dave Emlen wrote:
I'm sad to report the death of Pete Quaife, the Kinks' original bassplayer.  Pete died yesterday, June 23rd, of kidney failure after spending several days in a coma in a hospital in Denmark.
Rest in Peace
new: web page started
Pete Quaife Canadian Interview 1988

Kassandra1Kink | 31. des 2009 | 6:18
Dave Davies' statement from his Message Board

NME Festival Guide June 27, 2010 : Ray Davies pays tribute to late Kinks bassist Pete Quaife at Glastonbury

Songwriting legend is also joined by a choir on the Pyramid Stage
The Kinks' frontman Ray Davies paid tribute to the band's recently deceased bassist Pete Quaife during his Glastonbury set on the Pyramid Stage today (June 27).

The veteran star dedicated
The Kinks' classic 'See My Friends' to his old bandmate, and later played two tracks from what Quaife claimed was his favourite Kinks album, 1968's 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society'.

Speaking about his old friend, who died of kidney failure last week (June 23) aged 66, Davies told the crowd, "I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for him."   LINK

Rest In Peace Pete
GlasDaviesBury | 27. jun 2010 | 4:01

Rest In Peace Pete

Ray Davies(Kinks) Waterloo Sunset Glastonbury 2010
SkipALightFandango | 27. jun 2010 | 4:04

Ray Davies dedicates the Kinks classic to Pete Quaife

Please send us your memories: pete@WhyKinks.net
 Facebook  RollingStone CBC
Kinks乐队原贝斯手佩蒂-夸伊弗病逝 终年66岁
Pete Quaife est mort
The Kinks: morre Pete Quaife, baixista original da banda
Muere el bajista de los Kinks
Zemřel z The Kins
E' morto Pete Quaife, ex bassista dei Kinks
Умер оригинальный басист The Kinks
Oorspronkelijke bassist Kinks overleden
Umro basista Kinksa Pit Kvejf
Basista The Kinks nie żyje
Tidens Krav   ABCnyheter
yo la tengo 6 26 10 - 4

loonh2o | 27. jun 2010 | 1:53

Kinks cover in memory of Pete Quaife.
Left Coast Live Festival San Jose CA

Pete Quaife - At your doorstep

rosierooke | 25. jun 2010 | 1:13

Lloyd and Rob visited Kinks London and one of the many places we visited was Pete's home in Muswell Hill and the school he, Ray and Dave attended. This is an excerpt from Two For The Road.


stoneonyourwindow | 25. jun 2010 | 5:57

On Thursday I was very busy, taking care of my family and finishing a recording session, when I saw very briefly that Pete Quaife of the Kinks had died. I didn't have time to process it until I was performing at my regular Thursday night sunset show in Hawaii Kai. I sang a couple of songs in his honor, and managed to capture it with a Flip that was in my music bag.

Ray Davies is 66 on the 21/6 2010
Happy BirtHday Ray!  (Click for bigger version)
Click on picture, for bigger version!
WhyKinks last picture of  Ray is from Royal Albert Hall 23/5 2010
Ray is still going strong, it was a fantastic show!
  Ray Davies - Royal Albert Hall, Sunday 23/5 2010
Ray & Arve

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